"if Nick Cave and Tom Waits had a baby in a hospital built by a young Bruce Springsteen with Dr Feelgood on gas and air it would sound like this. Every city needs a mad preacher to berate its sinners, Alabama (formerly known as ‘Leeds”) take heed!”

"Do yourself a favour and endeavour to own this and the last album, you will be a lot better off for it and it will also make you so cool that you will be irresistible to the opposite sex, whilst improving your social life (the last statements may be false but it sure as hell won’t hurt to try and you will get some of the best music out there to listen to while you wait and see if anything happens"

"The Blind Dead McJones Band are a real-life incarnation of that blues-rock bar band you secretly wish you were in"

“Take one part George Thorogood, equal parts Rob Zombie and Johnny Cash, mix it all together and top it with a healthy layer of Tenacious D, and you have something not even close to The Blind Dead McJones Band. Trying to compare the debut album ‘Last Resort Mexico’, from the Leeds-based trio, to anything we have ever heard before would prove to be an impossible task."

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